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Dickson Mbi was commissioned by the BBC to create UNSTRUNG specifically for Max Revell. The work is about people's perceptions perspectives of you and either accepting them or fighting against them. 


The Grand Final of the BBC Young Dancer competition took place on 18 May 2019 at Birmingham Hippodrome and was broadcast on BBC Two, presented by Anita Rani and Ore Oduba. Max Revell performed three pieces in the Grand Final: a solo work UNSTRUNG by Dickson Mbi; a second self-choreographed solo, 'Subject Number 6'; and a duet choreographed and performed with Tom Hughes Lloyd, 'Stranger'. Max started dancing when he was nine, going to break dancing and popping classes at Street Factory in Plymouth. When he was a teenager he began traveling to battles and competitions all around the country. After working with various theatre companies, Max decided he wanted to learn contemporary and auditioned for contemporary dance conservatoires in the UK. He now attends the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. 

Choreographer - Dickson Mbi

Concept - Dickson Mbi

Assistant Choreographer - Brooke Milliner

Performer - Max Revell

Music - 'In This Shirt' by The Irrepressibles

Lighting Design - Dickson Mbi in collaboration with the BBC Young Dancer Production Team

Costume and Painting - Dickson Mbi in collaboration with the BBC Young Dancer Production Team

This competition is all about performance, and I feel as though Max went on the greatest journey. For me, his final solo was the most exceptional piece of dance, and it was for that reason that he was the winner for us today.

- Emma Gladstone, Artistic Director & Chief Executive of Dance Umbrella and BBC Young Dancer Grand Final Judge
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