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Mokita was commissioned and produced by the 2021 Hong Kong Arts Festival and was premiered as part of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series. Photos by: Stephanie Chung

In Mokita—meaning “a truth that everyone knows but nobody speaks”—British dancer-choreographer Dickson Mbi will guide five local dancers across the boundaries of their diverse training backgrounds to develop new movement vocabularies that express the unvoiced dimensions of body and soul.

Choreographer: Dickson Mbi  
Creation & Performance: Cheung Tsz-kwan, Suen Nam, Phygmus Tang, Kae Wong 
Music: Ruth Chan 
Assistant Choreographer (UK): Kenny Ho 
Rehearsal Master: Thais Hvid 
Rehearsal Contributors (UK): Imogen Alvares, Vivian Luk, Yukiko Masui, Faye Stoeser 
Sound Design: Jaycee Kwok 
Lighting Design: Law Man Wai  

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