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We are all visitors in the object world, stepping in and out of the light of reality. All of us, too often prey to the habit of concealing our souls and their living history, for the invitation to connect with another human being - to see a live spirit of the artist who overcomes these human fears and the ingrained habit of concealment to step in to a zone of self-disclosure. And through the ritual of dance, this solo reveals a fairy tale, generating emotion from these moments of light.

DUENDE was produced by Akram Khan Company as part of 'Portraits in Otherness' at Sadler's Wells, Lilian Baylis Studio on 5-6 June 2018. Special thanks to Armand Amar, Kenny Ho, Thomasin Gülgeç and Patricia Rianne for their creative input in the studio; and to Andreas Reyneke for his Pilates body work training leading up to this work. This project was supported by One Dance UK's Trailblazers Fellowship. 

'Portraits in Otherness' was co-produced by Akram Khan Company. Sadler's Wells London and Peacock Contemporary Dance Company China. Created with support of Capital Group. Supported by Arts Council England. 

Choreographer & Performer - Dickson Mbi

Artistic Director - Akram Khan

Creative Producer - Farooq Chaudhry

Composer - Roger Goula

Lighting Designer - Fabiana Piccioli

Technical Director - Richard Fagan

Technical Manager - Sander Loonen

Sound Engineer - Fred de Faye

Project Manager - Christine Maupetit

A performer of astonishing strength and agility, communicating delicacy and struggle with his him and marvel, knowing you’re seeing an artist who’s going to be very significant in the future of contemporary dance.

- Marian Kennedy, London Theatre 1
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