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The Nelken Line Dickson Mbi Image by Martin-Collins


The London version of the NELKEN-Line saw dancers weave their way through the London Bridge area, performing the famous Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter choreography, as part of The Pina Bausch Foundation's world-wide participatory project. Dickson Mbi alongside Bim Malcomson were invited by Team London Bridge to lead on the re-staging of this work, bringing together everyday people to join the walk and learn the gestural phrases.

The venture forms part of a global project created by Team London Bridge in partnership with the Pina Bausch Foundation, London Bridge City, Potters Fields Management Trust, Network Rail, King’s College (Guy’s Campus) and Southwark Council.

Rights to perform the Nelken Line granted by the Pina Bausch Foundation

Commission - Team London Bridge

Choreographer - Pina Bausch  

Concept - Dickson Mbi & Ellie Beedham

Music - 'West End Blues' by Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five

Dancers - Dickson Mbi, Kong Sin si, Tijesunimi Adeabgo, Daphne Margeli, Nicole McDowall, Nata Lapina, Miranda Chambers, Yana Karaikoza & Julian Owusu

Participant - Catherine Heu-Arnaud

Camera Assistant - Santiago Godoy Giraldo

Thanks to Pina Bausch Foundation & Shuttershock

Supported by Bridge Theatre, King’s College London, London Bridge City, Network Rail, London Mayor’s Office, Southwark Council

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