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Twice-Born, a Scottish Ballet commission by Olivier-Award-winning choreographer and world-renowned dancer Dickson Mbi, is an epic, mythical work inspired by ancient parables. Set in another world where matriarchal figures are sacrificed and reborn, the large company of dancers move and breathe as one, in a breathtaking and intense dance spectacle.

Scottish Ballet Artistic Director/CEO Christopher Hampson says of the commission, ‘Dickson has inspired and collaborated with Scottish Ballet’s dancers for his new work. His unique movement style and ability to imbue his work with a deep connection to his own personal experiences will deliver a visceral and exciting dance spectacle for audiences, and this world premiere will be a pivotal moment for the whole company.’

Direction, Concept & Choreography - Dickson Mbi

Original Music - Dickson Mbi

Set Design - Ruby Law

Lighting Designer - Jessica HHY

Costume Design - Debbie Duru

Assistance Choreographer - Kenny Ho

“Mbi has created an exhilarating, epic piece which leaves you feeling that you could be watching the work of another Pina Bausch or Akram Khan or Matthew Bourne, or any of the modern choreographers who have turned contemporary dance into a superstar medium, knitting together artistic rigour with accessibility and broad appeal.”

                           The List on Twice Born for Scottish Ballet (Oct 2023)

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